Maiden PIWC Officers Conference Makes Great Impact

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piwcccThe 2016 Pentecost International Worship Centre leaders Conference came to a successful end on Saturday, 19th March at the Pentecost Convention Center (PCC) in Gomoa Fetteh, with a clarion call on participants to uphold excellence and professionalism in conducting their services.

The event, which registered over 1500 participants from the various PIWC churches in and outside Ghana, was essentially organised to reemphasize the role of PIWCs in the ministry of The Church of Pentecost (COP).

Participants of the conference described the event as very insightful and eye-opening, since most were not privy to the rationale behind the establishment of the PIWCs. Most confessed that their general idea of the PIWC was a church to serve members of The Church of Pentecost who preferred to fellowship using the English Language, but have now found it to be far from the original purpose for the creation of the PIWCs.

According to the Chairman, Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah, who is also one of the originators of the PIWC in the Church, the PIWC was originally meant to be a well-organised and multicultural church which would primarily serve expatriates and other Ghanaians who are much exposed to the Western culture.

However, Rev. Prof Emmanuel Kingsley Larbi (President of the Regent University College of Technology), in his address to participants, observed that most PIWCs were being ran just as the mainstream assemblies of the Church with the only difference being the use of the English Language.

As a result of this, the Chairman took participants through how an ideal PIWC of The Church of Pentecost should be ran in order to effectively meet its purpose of creation. His presentation touched on the general conduct of services as well as the leadership structure, technical and technological services, protocol services, music, administrative services, and other aspects of the church.

Other speakers at the event were Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Anim (Principal, Pentecost Theological Seminary) and Pastor Jonathan Kofie (Resident Pastor, PIWC-Sakumono), while the Celestial Voices of Tesano Worship Center blessed the conference with powerful song ministrations.

Brigadier General Mike Akpatsu, the commander of the Ghana Military academy who is a member of PIWC Kokomlemle was also present to give participants some handy tips on how to ensure personal safety and security.


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